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Why Your Education Is Important For Canada

As you may know, the Canadian Skilled Worker immigration program was developed to encourage individuals with skills that would be useful to the country to move there. By requiring you to meet certain qualifications, the program serves two purposes.First, the government is ensuring that they their social programs do not become overwhelmed by immigrants who lack the necessary skills to be successful.Second, the government does not want to encourage you to move away from your country only to end up with limited job possibilities in Canada. To fulfill both of these purposes, skilled workers must meet the standards set by the Pass-Mark system.

With the Pass-Mark system, you earn points based on a number of factors, including education and work experience. Originally, the Pass-Mark system had higher standards. Potential immigrants had to achieve a score of at least 75.Today, that score is only 67. Before you start completing any paperwork, you need to begin determining whether or not you will be able to achieve that score.One of the factors assessed by the Canadian government is education.

Under the Canadian system, education is an important qualification for a skilled worker. However, you do not have to hold a master's degree or higher to earn points towards qualification under this section.Apprenticeships, trade/vocational degrees, bachelor's degrees, even high school diplomas will earn you points. The maximum number of points available for this category is 25. That means a strong educational background will give you an excellent start towards achieving that passing score.It is important that you understand how to gather, organize and present your academic documents to the Canadian Government.

If you are interested in starting your application process TODAY, I strongly recommend downloading Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada. The manual explains step-by-step how to send a successful application file to the Canadian visa office in a few days! For more information, go to:


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