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Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

What to expect

This is high end Las Vegas where large rooms, large restrooms and big TVís rule. The Venetian is decked out in every which way. If you want high end shopping they have the Grand Canal Shoppes, if you want high end restaurants they have 15. They are not messing around when they tell you that this is a high quality place to stay. The casino is huge and feels very spacious with high ceilings and an absence of smoke. This is where you can go to die it's so nice.

What you might like:

The dining options are numerous and you might not have to leave your hotel to eat. Maybe you want to see some artwork at the Guggenheim or take a gondola ride. Of course the rooms you will love because they are very large and set up with everything you could possible need.

Except for the fax machine, I canít understand why they would think anyone would need one in their room on vacation.

What you might not like:

It can get crowded and the clientele is a bit pretentious. The staff is not but the people who stay here tend to think they are better than everyone else. The pool is just nice, considering how great this place is, I expect much more from the pool area but it is just average.

My suggestion:

If you have the money to drop on this place you might as well eat at Delmonico or Aquaknox and then have drinks at the V bar before you play $500 blackjack.

Location: 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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