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Top 7 Las Vegas Bars

The Las Vegas Bar scene is always evolving so its time you started hitting as many bars in Las Vegas as you can. What shoudl you look for in a bar in Las Vegas? Simple. Alcohol. Okay, maybe you should find a few other things but these 7 Las Vegas bars should give you a good feel for what is out there.

1) Fleur de Lys - Las Vegas Bars

It's a lounge in a restaurant at the Mandalay Bay but it is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a drink and conversation. They have food as well, but the atmosphere might get you going and soon you will be thinking of dessert.

2) Tabu - Las Vegas Bars

This is the Las Vegas bar you should check out. Their motto "Immerse yourself in a sea of sensual sophistication. You're invited. Your inhibitions aren't." You better wear clean underwear.

3) Teatro at MGM Grand

This Las Vegas bar in the MGM grand is sleek and inviting. I could sit there for hours but the price of drinks soon drives me out after about three. But, it is well worth the cost.

4) Petrossian at Bellagio

This is a pretentious Las Vegas bar but it is so nice that I still go there. I'm not sure why. Maybe, I'm a snob.

5) Fix at Bellagio

This is a restaurant but they have a nice bar. I should warn you that they use a lot of alcohol in their drinks. Take a look at the picture of the place for a preview of how you will walk out.

6) The V Bar Las Vegas

Do you remember that place your dad talked about where all the girls were the type you could never intoduce to your mom. It's the V Bar.

7) Tangerine at the TI

Outdoors and right on the strip. Th eformula is right for a good time, but do not go for a swim.

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