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Review of the Tropicana Hotel Casino

Reviewed by E & B, who visited in July of 2004

"My hubby and I stayed in the Paradise Tower -- the most recently remodeled part of the hotel, on the 18th floor. Nice view of the end of Strip, MGM, New York, New York Hotel, Tropicana pools and Tropicana Boulevard. The room was OK but not the best we've stayed in for the money. The pools and 'Swim Up Bar' and 'Swim Up Black Jack Tables' were really cool! However, we had to walk through the whole casino to get to the pools, not only uncomfortable in our wet swimsuits but a LONG walk to our tower elevators, especially if the 'Airplay' shows were going on. They were in the center of the casino and were 'circus-like' for the most part but OK. However when you have to go through all of the people watching the show in wet swimwear to get to your room, it was a little embarassing (even with a cover-up)! We enjoyed the shows at 'The Comedy Stop' and 'Folies Bergere.'"

Moving Out

"We wanted to extend our stay one night but the hotel tried to charge us $50 more than we were paying already so we left a day early and moved down the street to a hotel more center strip (Aladdin). They only charged us $10 more per night than we were already paying and we had a much better room and view (hotel pools and Bellagio fountains and more) and we booked on the phone the day before we were moving! (We cancelled our last night at the Tropicana.) The pools at the Tropicana were more tropical and lush than the Aladdin but overall we enjoyed the Aladdin more."

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