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Travel Packing Check Lists Make Your Trip Life Easier

Here is our travel pack list & reminders of what to do before you leave for your vacation. Plus, we provide a checklist to remember what to consider packing. That way you hopefully won't overpack or forget anything you must take with you.This is a great article to print out and use while planning your trip.Before You Leave Travel Packing Reminders:.

  • Plan ahead: Sit down and prepare a travel pack list of what you'll need, what you plan to do while in Florida, and what you must take and do before you go
  • Start looking for Florida travel deals
  • Research where you are going in Florida
  • Research reviews and do your homework (best deals, what to do, where to stay, etc.)
  • Shop for everything you'll need or want to take
  • Start an exercise program to get your best beach body (if that is in your plan)
  • Search for and check dates and information on important documents These include, Id's, passports & visas, pet information, etc.) Book your airfare, car rental, and lodgings (make sure you know all the terms and conditions when booking. Ie. Cancellations, refunds, and so forth
  • Check weather in the area you are visiting
  • Know your credit card information, limits, & amounts
  • Have your banking information & debit cards up to date
  • Contact anyone important to let them know you'll be out of town
  • Visit your doctor or dentist to ensure your health
  • Accomodate for your pets (whether you take them or leave them behind)
  • Plan for someone to check your house and collect your mail & newspapers
  • Reconfirm everything we've mentioned and your travel pack list
  • Obtain travelers checks at your bank
  • Get all your medications and prescriptions you need
  • Have car checked and tuned up if you take your own vehicle
  • Lock up your valuables in a safe or safe deposit box
  • Pay the bills, take care of house stuff (plants, cut grass, utilities, etc.

    ) You don't want to look like you're gone

  • Pick up dry cleaning and finish any last minute errands
  • Start packing what's on your travel pack list - Make sure luggage is marked
  • Double check all documents.make copies if necessary
  • Relax, you should have everything.
  • Recheck your travel pack list and you'll be fine.
.Here are a few more tips to live by.

Carry-on Items:.Be sure you carry on valuables, cameras, film, documents, wallet (money in general), coupons, tickets, itenerary (with all pertinent information), brochures, maps, guides, reading materials, baby stuff, kids stuff, medications you must have, and anything in particular that you find important. If you think you should carry-on, then do.

Don't be like Focker.Medications:.Have your meds in the original bottles, have doctor letters if necessary. Remember airlines are scetchy about certain items (if you fly).If you drive having this information is important if you get pulled over and asked by a cop.

Film: We recommend you buy a digital camera or camcorder. Film is a pain and can get damaged easily.I know that may be an added expense, but if you shop around, you can find a great deal. We just want to ensure you retain the priceless memories of your Florida trip.

If you must have film, our best recommendation is buy it when you get there. Pack it wisely (in your purse for instance), or develop it before you return home.Pack Light:.You can check if the hotel has a laundry service. Plan ahead.

Make a travel pack list, check it twice. Wait- isn't that a song? Just kidding. Bad humor, it's that doing a travel pack list can get boring.But, it is important. Anyway, just pack intelligently.

Take some extra money to shop if you absolutely forget something. Learn to fold, be creative, and lay everything on your travel pack list out.As an idea, the two of us take a big piece of luggage and one smaller one. Then we carry a backback, small carry-on bag, or briefcase and we fit everything we need from our travel pack list.Some of the major things to remember to pack include, money, documents, clothing, toiletries, electronics, things to keep you busy, other personal/individual items, and of course the kids (if you have them)..

This is just a portion of what to remember. There are lists available online to use and check off items/things to do as you plan your vacation.


Joe Collinsworth is founder of, a fun and informative website offering travel tips, budget travel ideas, checklists, articles, and experiences to make a trip to Florida or anywhere a wonderful time. You can visit us and tour Florida and print out our checklists at. http://www. .Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Joe Collinsworth

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