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Tips and Advice About Doityourself Travel in Tanzania

Having answered the question yes, I must also add that to take care and use your common sense is necessary.From the last two weeks in July through August and into September is madness in East Africa. Impossible to find accommodation and truly lunacy reigns in the Tourist Industry ? every safari company working almost 24 hours per day. For this reason I would try to avoid coming at this time, bargains are hard to find and the African experience is not so agreeable at this time.Low season is the best time to come ? this is from the end to March to the end of May - everything is cheaper and real bargains can be found with relative ease.

Option 1. The advice is to come anytime other than July through to September. Make your way to Aruhsa.

There are many hotels in Arusha from five-star to budget hotels. Many of the budget hotels are basic but very clean and pleasant. If you are in low season [April to June] you may be able to negotiate room rates in the budget hotels and get a good discount. The hotels are easily found through the Tanzania Tourist Information Office website.

The safari negotiation: make your way to the centre of town ? to Boma Street and India Street. Here you will find many young men selling safaris for local companies to earn commission. It can be a bit daunting as you may find yourself surrounded by many of these agents. This process is not for the faint hearted and be forever on the look out for pickpockets [wherever in the world there is a distracted tourist the pickpocket is not far behind.].When you have found someone you like ? insist on going to his 'office' or take him to a restaurant for a soda; there are many nice restaurants in the area.

Now you must barging, always in a good-natured manner and be prepared to talk and be prepared to be silent and think. Insist on seeing the transport vehicle and do not part with any money in advance. Pay only on the morning of departure no matter what you are told the contrary. Remember the whole process it done in a relaxed and friendly manner.Option 2 is to go to the Tourist Information office on Boma Street. It is clean and air-conditioned and the staff are efficient and friendly and will advise you on your options.

They can recommend many safari companies that you can simply go to and ask for a quote for a safari. Again, to bargain is the key and to negotiate takes time.The second option is the safest and easiest of the two choices. Shop around and be prepared to take a day or two before making the decision. Often the best prices are obtained when you are not rushed and as you leave an office saying, you will let them know tomorrow ? often the price will fall as you are leaving the office.Tanzania is relatively safe and friendly.

Be aware of pickpockets as you would anywhere in the world. Take your time as things move slowly in Africa. Above all, enjoy yourself. Shopping for a safari can be one of the highlights of the African experience and you make valuable contacts for your next visit.Make direct contact with a few safari companies before you travel through the internet as most [small boutique companies] will give you information and help even if you do not intend to book with them.Enjoy your safari.

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By: Ian Williamson

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