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One Night in Las Vegas

So you have only one night in Las Vegas and you want to make the most of it? While you could gamble the night away how much fun would that be? Let me think, win a few thousand dollars while indulging in free drinks and being draped by the good looking people. That could work.

You could also try another alternative. Go to a few bars, have a decent meal and meet a ton of people. You can always squeeze in some gambling and maybe a tiny nap before heading out again.

This is what you should do this evening.

The Pink Taco Bar at the Hard Rock

Before Dinner Drink.

Grab yourself a seat at the bar and ask for a shot of Tequila Corazon anejo or Don Julio 1942. Get it on the rocks and sprinkle just a touch of lime and ďsipĒ.

My father loved to ďsipĒ and so I have acquired a taste for fine Tequila.

You can order a Margarita and some tacos but you need to make the most of this evening so you might want to pass up on the Mexican food and save yourself for other locations.

If you decide to eat I would suggest the Shrimp tacos or the Carnitas tacos. Since I enjoy fried tortillas the nachos worked for me as does the Carnitas plate. How can you argue with Fried pork?


Simon Kitchen and Bar

While this place is a bit trendy I love that I donít have to dress up to get into it. The food is daring and unpredictable.

Unfortunately, I love some of the staples of everyday life like the crispy calamari. I have to start most meals with squid, itís who I am. My wife loved the Tuscan Salad and I have to say that it was good although I had Caesar dressing surround my taste buds so Iím not sure.

The pastas all are good and convenient if you are not looking for a big meal. My petite companion felt they served their purpose. I on the other hand dropped in the meatloaf and I have to tell you it is a fine piece of combined meat products. I could hear my taste buds cheer as I devoured the mashed potatoes that came with it. I had a taste of the spit roasted chicken and I nearly fouled myself it was so good.


Two shots of Tequila

After Dinner Drink

Fontana Lounge

This place is a little classy but sometimes you need to clean up and enjoy what the good life. Take a seat on the patio and enjoy a dirty Martini as you look out over the Bellagio Fountains. You can listen to some good jazz or have an intriguing conversation. Its free to walk in and feel important, so sink into the comfortable chairs and get a little of the classy side of Las Vegas in you.

The Nightclub for the Night

Ghost bar

Okay, itís expensive but the views are great and the people watching does not compare anywhere else. This is the latest in hip and it is worth seeing even if you have to wait in line to get in. The bar is 55 floors up and you get a good look at the strip. Go out to the deck and look down and if youíre not afraid of falling to your death you can see the pool and the pretty people having a good time below you.

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