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Oahu Vacations

If you've decided that you want your next vacation to transport you somewhere exotic yet friendly, warm rather than sweltering, and bustling with activity but not crowded, Oahu would be an excellent choice. Even picky travelers will find what they are looking for on Hawaii's most versatile island. From rich culture to beautiful weather, all the ingredients are here for a wonderful escape from the predictable drone of your everyday schedule.

As you might expect, finding a spot on the beach to unroll your towel or picking out the perfect wave to show off your boogie-boarding skills will not be a problem here. Oahu has 112 miles of coastline, so whether you seek scenery (try Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve) or serious surfing conditions (follow the professionals to the North Shore), you'll be happy with your sand and sun experience.But Oahu is not just a string of distractingly beautiful beaches. If you enjoy balancing out your vacation by also nourishing your brain, you'll find plenty of historical sites and museums on the island. The Capital District in downtown Honolulu will allow you to learn about Hawaii's transition from a monarchy to the 50th United State. The Bishop Museum chronicles the seafaring adventures of early Hawaiians, and the Hawaii Plantation Village illustrates the impact that immigration and sugar cane production have had on the state.

Of course, Pearl Harbor is a sobering yet important landmark in America's past, and a visit to the Arizona Memorial will make an impression on visitors of all ages. Tours of the USS Bowfin Submarine and the Battleship Missouri will interest history buffs, and by the time you have completed your journey from Hawaii's earliest days to the present, you'll appreciate your surroundings even more.Another popular activity in Oahu might seem a little self-centered, but if you've come all this way, you probably deserve to be truly pampered. Check out the extensive array of spas and wellness services while you're here to achieve the highest levels of relaxation and rejuvenation.Individuals seeking health and peace should head to Gray's Beach in Waikiki, once known as Kawehewehe, an ancient bathing site that translates to "healing waters." Or, schedule a Pohaku, a heated-stone massage, to erase all memory of aches, pains, and strains.

A coconut body wrap will leave your skin soft and sweet-smelling, and a yoga session on the beach will truly bring out your inner light.The spas of Oahu are equipped with all the latest technologies and techniques when it comes to caring for tired bodies, and the incorporation of the natural surroundings make treatments unforgettable. Side-by-side couple's massages are even available for fostering true togetherness, or perhaps just to ease the hesitations of a first time spa visitor.If Oahu sounds like the ideal place to spend a few days (or weeks), then it's time to check into lodging options. For the true Hawaiian experience, entertain the possibility of a vacation rental to ensure that you'll have all the privacy and amenities you need to enjoy a tension-free vacation.Families with diverse interests will appreciate the chance to have a conveniently located home-base from which to depart during the day.

And when the sun has set, having enough space for everyone to move about is a priceless feature when it comes to keeping the kids happy. There are restaurants down the road, but feel free to stock the pantry with groceries to save a few dollars on meals.For more romantic accommodations, couples should consider renting a cute, fully-furnished condo. With a hammock under the stars and a fridge for the champagne, contact with the outside world can be kept at a minimum. Choose a beachfront property if you like, but for even more seclusion, head to the rolling tropical hills.All the elements are there for a fabulous Oahu vacation.

Now it's up to you to get things started.

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By: Caitlin Moore

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