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Las Vegas Nightclubs

Every night in Las Vegas there are numerous choices for you to dance the night away. Whether you are looking to meet people, sit around a lounge and have a drink, or have a lot of drinks and dance until you drop, Las Vegas nightclubs offer all of those alternatives.

I decided to tour as many Las Vegas Nightclubs as I could on a recent visit and I found a few treasures and a few places that you should avoid. In some cases my wife escorted me to these havens of drinking, dancing and sexually charged atmosphere. In others I was lucky to spend time with a few friends who love to enjoy a few cocktails at my expense. What follows is my subjective look at Las Vegas nightclubs and what they have to offer you, the Las Vegas visitor. I will add more nightspots as I visit them a few more times. If you have suggestions you should not be hesitant to drop me a note about your experience at one of these places.

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