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More adventure vacations than I can handle

A grab bag of exotic international travel ideas When I read about trips like this, I want to get my suitcase packed right away. I am referring to an article in today's Travel Daily News ( d=80)about recent new travel packages offered by members of the Unites States Tour Operators Association.

Here are some examples: --"EUROPE Immerse yourself in local culture while living and cooking like the locals on Culinary Experience tours where you learn a bit of the language, about the culture and cuisine, as well as shop for food." --"NORTH AMERICA Cruise Alaska and see it from above on Zip line/ forest canopy tours in Ketchikan, go rappelling in Skagway, or take a heli-hiking trip near Denali National Park. Add adventure to an escorted U.S.

motorcoach trip with a day of river rafting." --" ASIA Travel to Tibet or take a tour visiting the fabled Silk Road. Visit the Himalayas, learning about Buddhism and Tibetology, journeying back in time to a place still slowly waking up to the present.

Rugged adventure seekers can travel in a small group of 12 to 16 guests, seeing Tibet, Mongolia, and Bhutan and spending nights in traditional ger camps as they follow in the Footsteps of the Khans, crossing Mongolia`s sweeping steppes and desert plains. Sample a Wildlife Safari in India, exploring the extraordinary Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in addition to three other reserves where the legendary Bengal tiger can be found. " --"AFRICA Travelers can explore Ethiopia`s rich cultures and its Orthodox Christian tradition visiting ancient forts and monasteries that date back to the 12th Century, including legendary Lalibela with its Tomb of Abraham. Against a Mediterranean backdrop some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world are uncovered as the tour follows ancient trading routes between Libya and Egypt. " As much travel ads as I receive every day, I have to say these tours sound wonderful to my spirit of adventure.

But which one? Decisions, decisions. The Guerrilla Traveler COPYRIGHT 2006, Charles Brown. All rights reserved.


By: Charles Brown

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