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Luxurious Train Trips around Southern Africa

The Rovos Rail Since its establishment the Rovos Rail has earned an international reputation as one of the worlds most luxurious travel experiences. The extravagant elegance alludes to an era of romance and opulence. A train trip on the Rovos Rail allows passengers to experience the magic and mystery of Africa in complete luxury. T he Rovos Rail operates two classic train each consisting of 20 carriages most of which date back to the 1920s. 72 passengers can be accommodated on these glorious trains which have been meticulously restored to allow you to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable African escape.

Fine Dining The accent on the Rovos Rail is focused on fresh local ingredients and traditional dishes. A full breakfast is served each morning consisting of a variety of hot and cold dishes. Lunch and dinner are three course affairs on board this magical train. The starter is followed with a choice of a fish, meat or vegetarian dish, after which guests can sample some of the most delicious deserts imaginable. At each meal passengers can chose from a selection of wines from acclaimed South African cellars which have been chosen to compliment the meals.

The train's dining rooms are formal and tables are adorned with crisp linen, fine china and gleaming silverware. Guests will thoroughly enjoy the fine cuisine in five-star luxury whilst some of the most magnificent scenery imaginable unfolds beyond the windows. Rovos Rail - A Selection of Trips The luxurious Rovos Rail travels to a host of South African and Southern African destinations. From the roaring desert sands of Namibia to the smoke that thunders at Victoria Falls, the Rovos Rail transports visitors in style to some of the most magnificent destinations Africa has to offer.

One of the Rovos Rail's most popular journeys is the week long trip between Pretoria and Cape Town. On the 1600 kilometre route you will experience an eclectic blend of gorgeous scenery from dramatic mountain ranges and endless grassland plains to the modern urban centres and picturesque winelands. Cape Town is one of South Africa's most popular tourist destinations and a scenic, luxury rail trip is a fantastic way to get there. Another fantastic journey is the 6100 kilometre journey from Cape Town will transport you through South Africa and across Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.

Known as the Authentic African Adventure this journey this spectacular train safari offers spectacular scenery the highlight being the Victoria Falls. Once reaching your final destination, Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania guests can visit Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the wildlife delights of the Serengeti. The 550 kilometre trip between Cape Town to Knysna is one of the most glorious ways to take in the beauty of South Africa's Garden Route.

Departing from Cape Town and steaming through with views of the winelands, wheat fields and gorgeous mountains to a stop at George where visitors will board the antique Choo-choo train to Knysna. Knysna is the heart of South Africa's lake district and visitors will be kept busy with a host of sporting and recreational activities as well as sampling the magnificent oysters for which the town is renowned. South Africa is a haven for golfing enthusiasts and a nine day golf trip on the Rovos Rail is one of the most fantastic ways to see South Africa as well as taking in some of the best golfing opportunities the country has to offer.

Commencing in Pretoria the journey will take you through the Drakensberg, the Kruger National Park, Swaziland and Durban to Sun City where you will end your trip. Along the way you will tee off on some of SA's finest courses including the Royal Swazi Golf Club, Durban Beachwood Country Club and the Champagne Sports Resort. At all the stops along the way there is plenty of entertainment to keep the non-golfers in your party occupied including game drives and a trip the internationally renowned Sun City resort. The journey from Pretoria to Namibia is one of the most scenic.

The 3400 kilometre journey takes you from Pretoria to the sands of the Namib Desert with plenty of stops along the way. Some of the stops on this adventure include: a visit to the big hole in Kimberly, the Fish River Canyon, a game drive and lion feed in Windhoek, a trip to the wildlife paradise known as the Etosha National Park. A luxurious train trip on of the most beautiful routes in Africa will be one of the most remarkable holidays you will ever experience. The pride of Africa Fondly named the pride of Africa the Rovos Rail trains provide domestic and international visitors to experience some of the greatest landscapes, dining and attractions Southern Africa has to offer. .

By: Sarah Manners

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