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Health Safety Tips for Travelers

Along with the New Year and winter's snowy appearance comes the inevitable travel "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house," or to a warmer climate for vacation. Since it may save your life or the life of someone you know, a review of some health and safety tips for travelers should be on everyone's to-do list. Remember to share your knowledge freely by forwarding this article to friends and family!.Why you should never leave your car running for heat if you're stranded in a blizzard or snow bank:.

You could die of asphyxiation/poisoning from carbon monoxide from the car's exhaust. It's true and it has happened to many people. This usually happens when there is a hole in the exhaust pipe (common on vehicles near the ocean). You need to stay warm while you wait for a tow truck or help to arrive, but remember this danger.

What to do in the event of a flash flood:.Unfortunately, flash flooding can occur within just a few minutes or after hours of excessive rainfall. Most flash flooding is caused by slow-moving thunderstorms. These are thunderstorms repeatedly moving over the same area.Flash floods can roll boulders, tear out trees, and destroy buildings, roads, and bridges.

Streets can become like rivers.The rules for flash floods are:.? NEVER try to walk, swim or drive through swift water. Nearly half of all flood-related fatalities are auto related (people trapped in their cars by rising water, or trying to drive through swift moving water).

This is a true story. A woman was trapped under water in her car and actually managed to use her cell phone and call for help, giving her location. Without that cell phone, she would have never been able to let anyone know she was under the water!!.? If you come upon flood waters, STOP, TURN AROUND, and go another way.

Be on the lookout for rapidly rising water at highway dips, bridges, and low areas.? The most basic rule when flooding is apt to occur: Head to higher ground. Waters can rise very quickly.When traveling in the Northern and Western states:.

Keep a blanket and a gallon of water in the trunk of your car. In the event you are stranded in winter, you will not freeze to death and you'll have water until help arrives. Remember that layered clothing keeps you warmer than one bulky piece.Essentials for traveling through the desert:.

Keep a blanket and a gallon of water in the trunk of your car. An instrument with global positioning satellite (GPS) capability will help you find your position when you're lost. A cell phone or walkie-talkies can be lifesavers.Stranded without water?.

Fill a plastic trash bag with leaves or a plant, close it up, and let it sit in the sun. Water will accumulate on the inside of the bag.Your car's emergency kit should contain:.First aid materials
Flashlight with fresh batteries
Blanket / "Space" Blanket
Emergency shelter
Fire starter
Rain parka / waterproof clothing / warm wool clothing
A red cloth to hang on your vehicle door or some other distress symbol Gallon of water
"Trail mix" and other non-perishable food items, and candy bars (You might be tempted to raid these when you're stranded in traffic, but save them for survival food.

The advantage of candy bars is their high calorie content - disadvantage, they may melt!) The advantage of trail mix is it stays fresh a long time.).Consider adding:.Toilet paper in a zip-lock bag
Disposable wet wipes
An extra wristwatch
Small Calendar
Insect Repellant
Paper and pens.

Additionally, you should carry:.A can of Fix-A-Flat
Common car tools
Spare tire on a rim.The best way to deal with "road rage":.Even the best drivers can make a mistake once in a while.

We've all done it, I'm sure ? someone was in your blind spot, and you changed lanes, nearly running into their car. It scared the other driver and he/she shouted obscenities and gave you "the finger." In a worse case scenario, the other driver might have tailgated you for miles down the road, endangering everyone along the way, or jumped out to attack you when you came to a stop.Some tips to defuse the situation:.? Stay in the car.? Don't respond back with an angry gesture, shouts, or action.

? Hold up a "Sorry" sign that you keep in your car.? If you're not going to hold up a "sorry" sign or otherwise signal apology (for the real or perceived wrong), do not make eye contact or engage him or her in conversation or gesturing.? Don't try to "outrun" the other driver.

? Do not pull off the road in a secluded place or on an empty road.? If the driver continues harassing and following you, call 9-1-1 on your cell phone, or find a place to pull over that is very crowded with many witnesses.Most of us will encounter people with road rage many times in our lives. This is not a trivial matter ? road rage can lead to injuries or even death. Tens of thousands of accidents each year in the United States can be attributed to aggressive driving and road rage.

Drive safely. When you're tempted to engage in rage, remember it's better to live to see another day than to make the other driver even angrier.Avoiding thieves, criminals, and other undesirables when traveling.? Stay away from alleys and poorly lit areas, such as empty garages.

? Putting a rubber band around your wallet makes it more noticeable if someone tries to remove it. Consider carrying your cash in a front pocket.? Instead of carrying a purse slung over the shoulder, carry it under your arm.

? Don't leave your purse open as you walk ?make sure it is zipped or closed.? Some distraction techniques thieves, criminals, and other undesirables often use are:

  • Pretending they need help (What time do you have? May I use your phone?) or asking for directions.
  • Creating a staged disturbance.
  • Purposefully bumping into you or spilling something on you.

? If you're abducted, fight, resist, and scream. If you go with them quietly, the abductor may just rape and kill you anyway, but in a secluded place that is more convenient for him or her. Also, your chance of survival, even if you are shot or wounded, is much better in a crowded place where you will receive faster help. If you put up any fight at all, the attacker may get discouraged and realize that going after you isn't worth it because it will be time-consuming.

? To deflate rapists, it is sometimes suggested that you do something to make them see you as a vulgar human being, rather than a sex object. As disgusting as it seems to you, it will be to them a "fire extinguisher.".? In the event of a hostage situation: Don't attract attention to yourself to avoid being singled out.

Make constant mental notes about the hijackers and your surroundings. Mentally attach descriptive names to the captors according to characteristics?such as a female with red hair "Femme Flame" and a man with a bushy beard, "Blackbeard." The object of that is to be able to identify them later.

The outcome in a hostage situation is not usually a foregone conclusion; some of them are negotiated successfully to an end. Remain calm; don't attract attention; and remain alert to opportunity. Close your eyes and envision your successful rescue and a positive conclusion. Envision yourself saying, "It's over!" with great elation.Outwitting Thieves & Criminals.? Do not carry all your traveler's checks or money in one place or pocket.

Carry only the credit cards you plan to use on the trip - leave the others at home.? Leave the light and television on when you go out of the hotel room. Put the "do not disturb" sign on the outside of your door.? Don't leave your key at the hotel desk while you're away.? Hide your valuables in a hard-to-get-to place.

? When a stranger is approaching you and you feel "apprehension," do not look away. Look straight at the person's face, so they will know you can identify them. Speak to them casually; make small talk. Oftentimes, your directness will deter any potential trouble.

If someone is watching you and you feel apprehension, move to where more people are. A feeling of apprehension means your subconscious mind has picked up on dangers your conscious reasoning mind may not have recognized. Pay attention to your "apprehensions" and "feelings.".? Have your keys ready in your hand when you walk to the parking lot or to your hotel room.? Mentally determine your escape routes when you first enter into a new location; then proceed with your business or entertainment.

? Use the safety deposit box at the front desk when you want to store very important or valuable documents. Store items of lesser value in a room safe. Many savvy travelers use portable safes, such as hollow books or suitcases that are designed with secret compartments.? Women traveling alone should not accept a hotel room that is adjacent to a stairwell or elevator. Consider carefully before taking a room that has sliding glass doors open to the pool or a beachfront.? Make mental notes of what is "normal" or "commonplace" in the place you have entered.

Pay attention when something or someone seems "out of place" with those surroundings.

.About the Author:.

Sally H. Morton is Publications Editor and Senior Writer with Partners Online LLC (d/b/a and http://www. She also works freelance. Reach her at you enjoyed this report, you may enjoy other Nuts for Cars and Hobbies Generate Cash e-books and reports!.

By: Sally Morton

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