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Golf Vacations

When one thinks of golf, often their mind wonders instantly to the site of men dressed in their Sunday best swinging clubs with all of their might. Golf, however, knows no gender. Women all across the country are beginning to pick up this intriguing athletic and strategic game.

Women are even taking golf vacations of their own, and finding that they can have their cake and eat it too in this once traditionally male arena. What do women look for in a golf vacation? Well, the first priority is of course the golf! Avid female golfers are going to be just as concerned over the state and condition of the green. Is the course challenging? What is the course ranked? Are there restrooms available? What amenities are close to the green itself? These are the questions women ask as they investigate golf vacations. The second thing? Location, location, location.

While the green is important, another imperative aspect of choosing the right golf vacation is where the green and resort is located. There are golf resorts located all across the country from Fort Richardson, Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Florida. The area is a huge aspect to consider when booking any vacation, and a golf vacation is no different. The climate, the scenery, the time of year, all of these things play a part in the vacation decision making. The third thing women need to look for in golf resort is, well, the quality of the resort! A golf vacation, while the focus may be golf, is still a vacation. And resorts are for relaxing.

When looking for the ideal golf resort, ladies need to investigate the spas, pool areas, and workout facilities. Even though women want to enjoy golfing, the may also want to partake in a mani-pedi combo! Finally, there is the issue of cost. This is one aspect that may last on this list but is not least in consideration. Women are known for bargain shopping and vacations are no different.

The perfect golf vacation for a woman is one where the golf is good, the location is prime, the resort is to die for, and the cost is sensational! .

By: Sara Chambers

Las Vegas

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