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Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Ė Las Vegas

What to expect

Circus Circus is a Las Vegas legend as many have ventured to this resort with their children. You can still find the never ending live circus high above the center of the casino and the clowns and acrobats perform regularly. However, Adventuredome is now the big attraction and your children will have a blast with the many attractions. Donít have kids? There really is no sense in staying at Circus Circus without children.

What you might like:

The room rates are typically low and the food is affordable. The entertainment for children is perfect for the parents who want to keep their children occupied throughout the day. The steakhouse is surprisingly good considering that most of the food is average.

What you might not like:

The amount of kids that are running around is alarming.

As parent you should never let your child out of your sight at Circus Circus because they can get lost in an instant. The decor of the hotel is a bit dated and the lobbies and corridors look rundown. Once again, it does not help that most anytime of the day you will see kids everywhere.

My suggestion:

If you really enjoy Adventuredome and/or the circus acts you should stay elsewhere and visit Circus Circus with your children. As a parent, I get a nervous feeling whenever I see so many children left unattended in a city designed for adults. Circus Circus is fun for kids but realize that you must be very patient and understanding with others.

Location: 2880 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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