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Boardwalk Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

What to expect

The Boardwalk is located next to the Monte Carlo and across the street from the Hawaiian Marketplace which is between the MGM Grand and the Aladdin. The Boardwak is a small property in a good location but it seems like you should pay less than you already do. The property as a whole could use a little more cleaning.

What you might like:

The 24 hour buffet is a novelty and the low limits on the tables help the cash conscious gambler.

What you might not like:

Food overall is a bit on the poor side. The pools are small roadside motel types.

My suggestion:

If you decide to stay at the Boardwalk I would consider eating the fast food next door at the Monte Carlo and avoiding the slots at the Boardwalk. You could really get a better deal at Excalibur, Monte Carlo or the Luxor.

Location: 3750 Las Vegas Blvd.

South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact: 1-800-635-4581

Rooms: 650+ ,they are average size and really do not look all that bad. Those in the new tower obviously looks better but over the last couple of years time and wear has taken its toll on this place.

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